Learn how to make your blog posts go viral.

Today I’m gonna help you kick some butt on Pinterest by showing you exactly how I got 19,000 pins from one epic blog post, and how you can too!

If you haven’t started using Pinterest to help drive traffic to your website yet, well ‘what in the hay-may’ are you waiting for?

Seriously, Pinterest is by far the biggest traffic driver to my blog. The thing I love about Pinterest is the long shelf-life on pins. It’s like setting your marketing on auto-pilot. I <3 Pinterest!

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In addition to just starting to blog here at Dish It Out, I also run a little dog blog. Yup, about 16 months ago I started blogging about all natural and eco-friendly dog stuff. If you want, you can go and check it out here.

Why a dog blog? Might be your first question, or maybe I just feel the need to tell you my whole boring life story.

Anyhow, I am sure you will stick around and read my (amazingly boring) story because you really want to find out how in the hell I got 19,000 people to share one of my blog posts!

In 2003, I started a little handmade business in my basement where I created organic aromatherapy products for super lucky dogs.

One of my many taglines was eco-cool dog care- which I always thought was super clever!

So after I closed up shop in the spring of 2011 I knew I wanted to get back into the pet industry somehow, I registered the domain name EcoCoolDog.com but I had no idea what I would do with it.

Then in 2014, I thought blogging seemed like an easy (and cost effective) way to do this, plus I really wanted to play around on social media.

This is how I rediscovered my long lost love affair with social media.

I immediately started promoting my blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I (quickly) discovered that Pinterest was sending a ton of traffic to my site after only a few blog posts. Woo hoo!

I decided to spend a lot more time learning everything I could about Pinterest and how to make my pins go viral.

In all of my self-taught glory, I discovered something that no one had ever taught me (or maybe I just didn’t pay attention?) whatever it was I learned it almost by accident and I will now let you in on this little unknown accidental secret to getting my blog post pinned more than 19,000 times! Whew, can you say run on sentence?!

It’s a post that isn’t even mine, really.

Well, I did put everything together and put it on my blog, but this post didn’t require me to write much or even think much for that matter.


1. Create a Round-Up Post


The post I did was super easy and it’s usually called a round-up. This is where you take a collection of blog posts, all featuring the same content, and put them in a numbered/list style post. You can see an example here.

I featured a pretty cool DIY project which I found on Pinterest and that related to my niche.

I made sure I found viral pins and then I downloaded their images and links and put them in my round-up style post.

On this post, I have 9 images total that people can pin on Pinterest all linking back to this one blog post on my site. Once you’re on the page then you can view the links to the individual blog posts that I took them from.

You can do a round-up post on anything that is relevant to your audience, just make sure you first, *ask permission to feature the image in your post.* Once you have permission from the source of the image then you need to refer back (with a link) and credit the source.

Important: You want to make sure you are using images/pins with a lot of repins because these have a proven track record of success.


2. Once you have the post done, time to promote it!


With these viral pins, you will probably also be featuring some social media influencers. Say what? This is a person or brand with a large social media following.

When you start sharing your super amazing blog post to social media make sure you tag one or all of these people you featured. With this free publicity, these influencer’s just might share your post with their huge audience, giving you tons of FREE exposure!

Brilliant, I know!

Then you need to go and post all of your images to your Pinterest boards and make sure you pin them in your group boards as well. If you don’t contribute to any Pinterest group boards, well then you need to!


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3. Build in a Content Upgrade


You need to make sure you are using all of this traffic to your advantage and building your list.

You could do a content upgrade and give away some valuable information in exchange for an email address. Like I just did above!

When you have a post that is sending people to another site there can be a high bounce rate.You want to let them know about your offer at the very beginning or smack dab in the middle of your post so they sign up before they leave.

Create an epic offer that relates to your post and build your list baby!

So I bet you’re just dying to check out this super awesome blog post that has over 19k pins (and counting), am I right? Okay, drumroll please… and here it is!

Have you ever had a pin go viral? What strategies did you use? I would love to hear from you.


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Hello! I'm Kyla, a Pinterest strategist and a single mum to 3 crazy boys. When I'm not busy running around after my toddler or doing laundry, I love helping other creative entrepreneurs grow successful online businesses. At Dish It Out Social you will find tons of tips and tools to help you grow your online business with Pinterest. #secretpinnersclub

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  1. Ooooh, no comments on such great blogpost?! But here i am to do this for you. It’s a great idea and i will try this because i have a dogblog, too. In Germany Pinterest is a little bit slow and behind but i have most of my traffic from Pinterest, too (and a lot from Google). Thank you so much for sharing this easy and great idea!


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